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Soda-Blast.Com H269 Multi-Media Soda Blast Pot    

Dustless Soda Blasters provide an effective, economical, and environmentally superior method for surface cleaning and coatings removal. Clean most surfaces, remove paint and degrease in a wide range of applications. This environmentally friendly easy to use system is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural texturing, log home preparation and restoration, graffiti and paint removal, mold remediation, remove smoke, soot and char for fire damage restoration. It even removes smoke odors in the process!


DUSTLESS or DRY, the H260 Green Collar™ Series Dustless Soda Blast Machines are able to use all media whether it was to be ultra-light corn cob, sodium bicarbonate, crushed glass, copper slag or coal slag, garnet or aluminum oxide. It can use any and all materials as dictated by either job specification or your own preference and give excellent production rates while using less of that material and having less downtime due to material flow issues or moisture stoppages.


Dustless Soda Blast Package Features:

  • Blast DUSTLESS or DRY
  • The 3.0 cubic foot all-media blast pot holds 150 lbs of material
  • Electric deadman switch is foolproof, easy to use, the movable 12v DC electric deadman switch allows the operator to rotate switch around the hose to the best position to give less operator fatigue
  • (Anti-Fatique Safety Feature)
  • More flexible, operator friendly blast hose (50’ standard)
  • Blast hose line extensions (50’) allow for easier equipment setup and placement on site (Optional)
  • More nozzle choices for maximum production rates at any blast pressure you choose down too as low as 25 PSI
  • Media prescreen & 18” x 3” media fill funnel
  • EXCLUSIVE- Compressor Dry Air Preparation Package



EXCLUSIVE - On-Site Dust Collection Available

  • 9500 CFM 20” electric fan
  • 20” x 25’ Flexible Duct with fan attachment
  • 20" x 4.5' x 15' canvas dust collection sock


More production with less downtime


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