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Aftercooler Smart Kart SuperDri

All necessary electrical connections with automatic circuit breaker protection are already completed inside the Rental Handtruck Package.  (See attached picture) All electrical power is controlled with the Rental Hantruck Packages “Brain Box”. When the Brain senses air pressure in the airline, it closes the circuit for the fuse protected electrical power to turn on the aftercooler fan and also apply power to the blast pot. The Brain automatically turns on and off all the electrical in the system. With sensed air pressure = aftercooler fan/blast pot is “ON”. Without pressure, everything is automatically turned “OFF”. No dead batteries or forgetting to turn on the aftercooler fan.
The operator connects the two battery clips to the compressor battery. There are only two possible airline connection available on the Rental Hantruck Package. The operator then connects an airline (preferably 1” ID)  to the compressor. That airline is then connected to the INLET marked on the aftercooler. (There is only one connection open of the two connections on the aftercooler). A second airline is connected from the clearly marked OUTLET on the coalescing filter. That airline goes to the blastpot.
Connect the blastline to the blastpot media outlet and plug in the blastline deadman control switch to the blast pot pig tail. Plug the power cord from the blast pot to the short pigtail on the Rental Handtruck Package.
Start your compressor engine. Engage the compressor pump. Turn on the ball valve on the compressor airline to the Rental Handtruck Package. The airline pressurizes. The aftercooler fan turns on automatically and the Brain also energizes the blast pot electrical circuit. The LED HOUR METER with memory begins to count. While the compressor warms up, the operator puts in one or two bags of material into the blast pot and closes the fill lid. The operator (He/She) then turns on the ballvalve on the blastpot pressurizing the tank interior. The operator checks the blast line pressure, adjusting it up or down as he desires, then puts on his/her protective eye glasses or face mask, puts on his hearing cups and/or ear plugs and puts on his dust mask. The operator then engages the deadman switch while pointing the nozzle in a safe direction and if necessary adjusts the media flow rate. The operator then begins to blast clean his chosen surface.