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Dear John and the guys at


After several years of running a business that kept hitting dead ends, I decided it was time for a change. And that change came from Soda-Blast.Com. Some friends and I had discovered local area demand of a mobile media blaster. However there weren’t any quality contractors in the area. Hence this began my search online for equipment manufactures and suppliers of quality multi-media pots.


To my surprise there were a dozen or so companies in the market. After doing my research I discovered that there were only a few companies that I was interested in and it was time for me to hit the road to see exactly what these companies had to offer. One Texas manufacturer’s pot looked like a joke to me, with wearable parts that could damage equipment, waste expensive media or hurt someone when they fail. Another’s patented soda-only pot was impressive; however the increased cost for an additional sand blasting specific piece of equipment could not be justified in my book. In my continued search I found a few additional pieces of equipment that lacked the precision to meter the soda/media and again what I thought to be poor equipment quality.


By this time, I came across Soda-Blast.Com and Mr. John Harmon. This guy stood so firmly behind his product there was no comparison. We spent HOURS on the phone and without hesitation I purchased his machine sight un-seen. I thought to myself this type of equipment, along with the unmeasured character of John Harmon can’t be leading me down the wrong path, especially with the purchase warranty contract John provided me.


When my equipment finally arrived I was excited and couldn’t wait to start making money! The machine exceeded my expectations during the first test run! I used a bag of crushed class followed by soda. The machine flowed both media types flawlessly. I look forward to growing my business with Soda-Blast.Com and know I picked the right machine and supplier for me. Thanks to John and Soda-Blast.Com for superb service and clear cut quality equipment.


Thank you,

Jason Rapisarda

Alan Barr